Sneak Peak // Schischka Family

Mount Eden, New Zealand

The forecast for the day was full of rain - but that didn't stop the fun! We began the afternoon playing in the ball pit in Jordan's play room. Their dog Beau (the sweetest soul) followed us everywhere, getting cuddles from anyone who looked in his direction.

We soon peaked outside and noticed we had a break from the rain, so we bundled up and headed on a walk to the park. This playground in particular was perfect for Jordan and Beau. Loads of space to run around, and a section designed specifically for little ones.

Once the raindrops began to fall again, we headed back home for some books and snacks. Jordan's Grandma and Auntie had also joined us for the day, which is always really sweet. Overall it was such a lovely afternoon where Beau (almost) stole the show. Just look at that face ..