About me

Hi! I'm AnnMarie. A documentary family photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland documentary photographer in action, taking a photo of a toddler at a playground.
Documentary photographer AnnMarie Dawn posing candidly on Omaha Beach, New Zealand.

When I first became a mum in 2019, my life completely turned upside down. Although I had dreamed of this moment for as long as I could remember, the reality of motherhood was much (much) harder than I imagined. That first year for me felt like a complete blur, as I lived in survival mode on a daily basis. Although I attempted to capture a few memories along the way, I missed out on so many magical moments that, at the time, felt so ordinary and not worthy of documenting.

Fast forward to 2021 when we welcomed our second child into the world. This time around, those same fears and doubts I had as a first time mother were no longer there. I knew that those sleepless nights would pass, that their milestones would come and go as quickly as they came, and those little fingers and toes would continue to grow. I recognised how fleeting these moments were, and developed a passion for capturing the beauty in our every day life.

This passion quickly turned into an obsession, and I completely fell in love with the art of photography. I loved capturing my children's different personalities at their different stages in life. I loved the mess, the chaos and the realness. Having these moments available to reflect on has been so special for me, as someone who often struggles with the intensity of motherhood.

That's what I hope to do for you. I want you to see how beautiful your life is just as it is. I want you to look at the mess through your children's eyes. I want you to appreciate all that this season of life has to offer you. I know how hard it can be in the moment to see if for yourself, so let me do it for you. No posing, no cleaning up, no client wardrobes - just your beautiful selves. Let's do this.