The experience

What is "Documentary photography"?

It's your real life - documented.

It's your real life - documented.

Documentary photography celebrates your family for who they are, in this moment. It's the messy faces, the belly laughs, the well-loved playrooms, the love. It's the quirky toddler traits, the home cooked (or store bought!) dinners, the stories read at bedtime, the tears. It's simply a real representation of what your life actually is, not what you think it should be. It's the family portrait redefined.

When I first started taking photos of my children, I fell in love with this style of photography. Capturing the uniqueness of my tiny humans as they grew is something I find so special and thankful to have. The more I documented, the more I wished other people could experience the same joy. To look back at their life and realise how special it was, from an outside perspective.

I want to show you that taking family photographs doesn't need to be stressful. It doesn't require you to dress up, bribe your children (or partner) to behave, or clean your home. You don't need to pretend to be anyone other than yourselves. Let me simply capture the beauty in your everyday.

“It was such a pleasure having you around. It felt so easy, with results we'll always treasure.”

Still have questions?

I get it. Taking the leap to have your family photographed can be daunting - but it doesn't have to be! Let me help answer some of your questions. If you don't see your question below, feel free to email me at


What should I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in! If you child likes to dress themselves - let them. I want to see your personalities shine, without the thought of coordinated outfits and matching colours. Just wear what you normally would on any given day!

What if my house is messy?

That's more than okay! Don't worry about doing anything out of the ordinary for my visit. I want to see your house as it is, lived in and loved. No need for any special clean up.

Should we plan anything?

Only if you want to! This is not necessary at all, but if the idea of a stranger documenting your daily life is a bit daunting, having a few ideas of activities you typically do as a family may be helpful. These don't need to be elaborate or complicated - just a representation of what you and your family enjoy doing.

Examples could include painting, water play, going on a walk, being outside in nature, blowing bubbles, having a fluffy at the local cafe, etc. Whatever it is that you would normally do.

What if someone gets sick?

Children get sick, and it comes out of nowhere. If you or someone in your family is unwell for our session date than we will simply reschedule - it's as simple as that. Having two kids of my own, I understand this is an unavoidable part of raising tiny humans, and therefore there is no charge to do so. Just stay in touch and keep me in the loop!

The session times seem long, will my children last?

The best part of documentary photography is that it is unposed. You don't need to force your children to sit anywhere, do anything, or be anyone they are not! If they are tired - let them nap. If they are feeling grumpy - that's okay! I'm here for it all, with no judgement attached.

This may seem like a long time to some, but in order to truly capture the essence of your family, the longer I'm there - the better. The more time I spend immersed in your family, the more comfortable everyone will be - allowing me to capture more of those special moments you are looking for.